01. Funding Public Transit

Public transit fulfills a basic social need and provides efficient movement of people to and from work and school that sustains our economy and our society. Investments in transit are investments in the environment, in reducing congestion, in improving social mobility and in improving everyone's quality of life. To address the future transit needs of Calgary, The City of Calgary has developed RouteAhead: A Strategic Plan for Transit in Calgary,: A Strategic Plan for Transit in Calgary, which is a 30-year, $13 billion transit plan. The next priority in Route Ahead's plan is construction of a 50 km, $4.6 billion new Light Rail Transit (LRT) Line called the Green Line, which will connect North Calgary via Centre Street with the downtown and Southeast Calgary.

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Federal Government funding commitment announced July 24, 2015

Question:  What are your party’s plans to fund public transit in Canada and in Calgary?

Question:  Should your party form government, will you honour the Federal Government’s commitment of July 24, 2015 to fund The City of Calgary’s Green Line LRT project?

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