05. Combating Poverty

Poverty has a substantial impact on big cities, with the costs for social assistance, affordable housing, policing, fee subsidies and other supports. A recent report estimated the annual cost of poverty to Alberta alone is between $7.1 billion to $9.5 billion. Poverty also robs communities of the talents and strengths of those who cannot contribute fully to society. Federal investments in anti-poverty initiatives help Canadians living close to or below the poverty line but also benefit entire communities across the country. The City of Calgary is addressing the issue of poverty through the Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative — a joint initiative launched in January 2012 between the municipality and the United Way of Calgary. The initiative aims to have 95% of all people living in Calgary at or above Statistics Canada’s Low-Income Cut-off rates and having 90% of all people living in Calgary at or above 125% of Statistics Canada’s Low-Income Cut-off rates by 2023.

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Question:  What plans do you have to combat poverty in Canada?

Question:  How would your party’s anti-poverty policies support The City of Calgary’s poverty reduction initiatives?

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