07. Public Safety & Combating Crime

Calgary has one of the lowest crime rates for any major Canadian city and our community is served by an effective police service and supported by a thoughtful collaboration of community policing and youth intervention programs. However, the Federal Government can have a great impact on our community when they change legislation and policy. The new law on prostitution for example, Bill C-36, passed in December 2014, required an enormous amount of work over the spring of 2015 by The City of Calgary and Calgary Police Service (CPS) to ensure that our community’s policing strategies and bylaws were compliant with the new law. Municipalities like Vancouver and Calgary are struggling with contradictory federal policies surrounding medical marijuana and on developing programs to counter youth radicalization.

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Question:  How will your party’s agenda support community policing and crime prevention in Calgary?

Question:  What is your party’s position on medical marijuana? Should your party form government what direction will you give municipalities on the contentious issues of medical marijuana dispensaries?

Question:  Working within the existing CPS Crime Prevention and Reduction Continuum and Canada’s National Counter-Terrorism Strategy, CPS has developed the ReDirect Strategy to prevent youth radicalization by engaging youth-at-risk in early intervention. What measures will your party take to prevent youth radicalization?

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