08. Federal Disaster Assistance Initiative & Future Disaster Mitigation

In June 2013, Calgary experienced the costliest natural disaster in Canadian history, along with some additional situations including a train derailment and a rail bridge collapse. The City of Calgary appreciates the support provided by the federal and provincial governments in response to the Southern Alberta floods in 2013. As Calgary and its regional neighbours continue to rebuild and recover, Calgary’s priority is on strengthening disaster mitigation and resiliency which requires significant investment from the provincial and federal governments.

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Question:  Calgary has relied heavily on the Federal Disaster Assistance Initiative to repair and rebuild needed infrastructure after the flood; however, in February 2015, the Federal Government changed the funding formula. What is your position on the changes to the Disaster Assistance Initiative formula?

Question:  Will your party help fund large and small flood mitigation projects in and around Calgary?

Question:  How will your party improve rail safety in Canada?

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