09. The Calgary Economy

Calgary has a vibrant economy that is an engine for prosperity in our country. In Alberta, urban areas accounted for the majority of all new jobs created between 1989 and 2014. A 2013 study by The City of Calgary estimated that, between 1991 and 2013, the net financial contribution by Albertans, including Calgarians, to the Federal Government grew from $870 million to $11.6 billion.

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Question:  How will your party’s economic policies keep Calgarians working?

Question:  What are your party’s policies regarding the energy sector? Do you support the construction of pipelines to connect Alberta’s oil and gas to markets in other parts of Canada and for export overseas?

Question:  Does your party support the development and adoption of a National Transportation Strategy?

Question:  How will you diversify Calgary and Alberta’s economy?

Question:  Good decisions are based on good data. What is your party’s position on the long-form census?

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