Conservative Party of Canada response to Question 2

Question:  How does your party propose to fund the municipal infrastructure gap?

Answer:  Our Conservative government understands the positive impact that quality infrastructure has on economic growth, job creation and long-term prosperity. That is why our Government introduced the largest and longest federal infrastructure investment in Canadian history. Federal investment in infrastructure has increased dramatically since 2006, and is at an all-time high.

Since 2006, our Government has made unprecedented investments in tens of thousands of projects to build roads, bridges, commuter rail and other important public infrastructure. This includes our seven-year, $33 billion Building Canada Plan which we launched in 2007 to support public infrastructure across the country.

The 12,000 projects supported through the Building Canada Plan were supplemented with 30,000 projects arising from the stimulus phase of Canada’s Economic Action Plan in 2009, which created immediate jobs and enhanced Canada’s long-term economic growth and competitiveness.

Our investments also include increased and ongoing federal support for municipal roads, public transit and recreational facilities through the Gas Tax Fund. Since 2009, the Conservative government has doubled, made permanent and indexed the Gas Tax Fund, which supports local infrastructure priorities.

As a result of our investments in infrastructure, we have brought the average age of Canada's core public infrastructure down from a peak of 17 years in 2001 to an estimated 14.7 years in 2013. It is now lower than the historical average over the last 50 years.

The New Building Canada Plan does not account for federal funding for First Nations infrastructure and other infrastructure in the federal sphere, or our recent commitment to support local projects as part of the Canada 150 commemoration.

In total, a re-elected Conservative Government will follow through on its plan to invest roughly $85 billion over the next ten years in federal, provincial and territorial, and municipal infrastructure. We have done this - and will continue to do this - while lowering taxes to bring the federal tax burden to its lowest point in 50 years and balancing the federal budget.

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