Conservative Party of Canada response to Question 1

Question:  What are your party’s plans to fund public transit in Canada and in Calgary?

Question:  Should your party form government, will you honour the Federal Government’s commitment of July 24, 2015 to fund The City of Calgary’s Green Line LRT project?

Answer:  On July 24, 2015, our Conservative government was pleased to announce that we will make funding available through the new Public Transit Fund for Calgary’s Green Line LRT to help families in Calgary spend more time with each other, and less time stuck in traffic. A re-elected Conservative government will contribute one-third of the total cost, approximately $1.53 billion, of the project once a formal application has been made and approved. We recognize that Calgary’s Green Line will provide relief for overcrowded transit corridors, connect Calgarians to each other and further facilitate commercial flows through the City.

The Public Transit Fund was created in Economic Action Plan 2015, and provides unprecedented permanent support for large-scale public transit projects in cities across Canada that address congestion and reduce travel time for goods and people. Our Government understands that Canada’s largest cities depend on public transit infrastructure to fight gridlock, reduce congestion for people and businesses, and support economic development. The Public Transit Fund will promote public transit infrastructure investment in a manner that is affordable for taxpayers and efficient for commuters.

Our Conservative government has increased funding for infrastructure dramatically: annual federal investment has increased from $571 million in 2003-2004 to an estimated $5 billion in 2015-2016. The Public Transit Fund will complement existing infrastructure funds to ensure Canadians make it to work in the morning and safely home to their family at night.

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