Conservative Party of Canada response to Question 7

Question:  How will your party’s agenda support community policing and crime prevention in Calgary?

Question:  What is your party’s position on medical marijuana? Should your party form government what direction will you give municipalities on the contentious issues of medical marijuana dispensaries?

Question:  Working within the existing CPS Crime Prevention and Reduction Continuum and Canada’s National Counter-Terrorism Strategy, CPS has developed the ReDirect Strategy to prevent youth radicalization by engaging youth-at-risk in early intervention. What measures will your party take to prevent youth radicalization?

Answer:  Our Conservative government has made the protection of Canadian communities against crime a top priority. Our legislative measures have focused on strengthening our criminal justice system to ensure that those convicted of serious criminal offences are appropriately punished and that Canadians are protected.

However, we also recognize that both effective rehabilitation programming in our penal institutions as well as crime prevention programming in our communities are essential components of an effective approach to criminal justice. We are particularly concerned with ensuring that at-risk youth are provided with help and support so that they can be diverted from a possible life of crime. That is why our Conservative government has been a committed partner in many of Calgary’s crime prevention initiatives through its National Crime Prevention Strategy (NCPS).

This strategy has enabled the federal government to contribute over $13 million to youth support and crime prevention efforts in Calgary. In 2014, through the NCPS, the Conservative government entered into an agreement to provide $4.4 Million over 5 years to the Calgary Collaborative Functional Family Therapy Implementation Project targeting youth at risk in Calgary. Through such collaborative efforts we can assist at our risk youth to lead productive lives and become positive and active contributors to their communities.

Our Conservative government has also made the protection of national security a top priority given the varied threats and security challenges which Canada faces in an increasingly turbulent world.

We have provided some $10 million in funding through our Kanishka Project into terrorism and radicalization research and have committed to renew the program. Our Government recognizes that counter-radicalization work must closely engage the communities that are directly impacted. The most effective counter-radicalization efforts are those that are led from within vulnerable communities and which engage every level of civil society. In this respect, we commend the efforts of Calgary in undertaking efforts through the Redirect program.

With respect to marijuana, while the courts have said that there must be reasonable access to marijuana for medical purposes, we believe that this must be done in a controlled fashion to protect public safety. Our Government has heard from law enforcement officials, fire departments, and mayors across the country and we moved to make reforms to the program which balance access with public safety. Marijuana is a harmful drug. We discourage Canadians from smoking marijuana. We have taken steps and will continue to take steps to educate youth and parents on negative effects of smoking marijuana.

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