Conservative Party of Canada response to Question 8

Question:  Calgary has relied heavily on the Federal Disaster Assistance Initiative to repair and rebuild needed infrastructure after the flood; however, in February 2015, the Federal Government changed the funding formula. What is your position on the changes to the Disaster Assistance Initiative formula?

Question:  Will your party help fund large and small flood mitigation projects in and around Calgary?

Question:  How will your party improve rail safety in Canada?

Answer:  In 2015, our Government launched an initiative to update and modernize the Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements (DFAA) program, which helps communities who suffer a disaster. Since the program began, the DFAA has been applied to 210 disasters and has resulted in $3.4 billion in payments to provinces and territories in order to support Canadians through the harmful effects of natural disasters.

To ensure the program is sustainable the eligibility threshold for the program was updated to address the impact of inflation on the program over the past several decades. Under the updated eligibility thresholds, our Government will continue to cover up to 90 percent of eligible expenses for disaster recovery as requested by provinces and territories.

More than more than 85 percent of DFAA-funded recovery efforts have come as a result of floods. To address this serious challenge, our Conservative government took action to provide $200 million over five years for a new National Disaster Mitigation Program. The funding provided through the National Disaster Mitigation Program is in addition to investments being made under the New Building Canada Fund which provides $14 billion to support major infrastructure projects across Canada, including mitigation infrastructure designed to help prevent natural disasters.

Our Conservative government has also made tremendous improvements to rail safety rules in Canada, to ensure Calgarians and Canadians across the country are protected. Our Government brought in the Safe and Accountable Rail Act to ensure shippers and railways are held accountable to citizens and communities in the event of an accident. In addition to passing the Safe and Accountable Rail Act, our Government took several immediate steps following the tragic accident in Lac Megantic to improve the safety and enforcement of our rail system.

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