Conservative Party of Canada response to Question 3

Question:  What policy changes will your party implement to increase the supply of affordable housing for all Canadians?

Question:  Does your party support providing increased and sustained federal investment to increase the supply of new affordable housing and replace aging social housing assets?

Question:  Does your party support amending the Income Tax Act to eliminate the capital gains tax on donations of real property to registered public charities for the purpose of providing perpetually affordable housing?

Question:  Will your party support the FCM’s call for innovative tax incentives like the Rental Housing Protection Tax Credit to preserve existing rental units and promote construction of new rental units?

Answer:  Through Economic Action Plan 2015, our Conservative government has reaffirmed our commitment to ensuring low-income families and vulnerable Canadians in need have access to affordable housing options. Our Government is committed to ensuring that the housing needs of low-income and vulnerable Canadians are met. Through targeted investments, we have worked with provincial and territorial governments, First Nations, not-for-profit organizations and other stakeholders at the community level to increase the supply, quality, accessibility and affordability of housing across Canada.

Overall, our Government will spend more than $2.3 billion per year over the next four years to help ensure Canadians in need have access to affordable, sound and suitable housing. In 2013, we announced $253 million per year to extend the Investment in Affordable Housing to March 31, 2019. Under this initiative, provinces and territories match federal investments and have the flexibility to design and deliver programs that are tailored to address their local housing needs and pressures. Since the introduction of the Investment in Affordable Housing in 2011, over 205,000 households have benefitted from the initiative. Economic Action Plan 2013 also provided $119 million per year over five years to renew the Homelessness Partnering Strategy. This strategy uses the Housing First approach, which has been widely applauded for supporting homeless individuals to transition from shelters and the streets into stable housing.

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