Green Party of Canada response to Question 4

Question:  What is your party’s position on the ‘improved’ Urban Aboriginal Strategy adopted in April 2014?

Question:  What policies will your party propose to support urban Aboriginals and help urban Aboriginals participate in the shared prosperity of our community?

Answer:  The Green Party supports the Urban Aboriginal Strategy in principle but will advocate to improve both its funding and its structure. While we support the initiatives in the program, it is clear that they were developed without proper consultation with Aboriginal people. For example, the Assembly of First Nations passed a resolution earlier this year stating that First Nations "have not had an opportunity to provide input into the development of the now revised UAS." The Métis National Council expressed disappointment that "the Harper government has decided to bypass" elected Métis governments in major urban centres such as Winnipeg and Edmonton. We will work with Indigenous communities to restructure the Urban Aboriginal Strategy to reach its full potential as a tool to help urban Aboriginal people participate fully in the economy.

Question:  How will your party foster reconciliation and healing with our Aboriginal population and how will you foster greater understanding and cooperation between our Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal populations?

Answer:  As the Truth and Reconciliation Commission so clearly and eloquently sets out, a full recognition and address of the lingering, multigenerational effects of colonialism, paternalism, racism and cultural genocide are the only basis for real reconciliation and partnership. Based on truth, Canada has a chance for a renewed relationship with Indigenous peoples, whether rural or urban, and a real chance to build a country together. Only a shared recognition of the history and impact of Canada’s shameful Aboriginal policies affecting First Nations, Métis, urban Aboriginal people and Inuit, will support the extraordinary commitment required to right historical wrongs. Canada must support the healing of inter-generational trauma with a commitment to a National Healing Strategy developed in partnership with Indigenous peoples.

Question:  Do you support an inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women?

Answer:  The ongoing crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women must be urgently addressed. We will launch a national inquiry and fight to ensure that structural violence against Indigenous communities is addressed.

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