Liberal Party of Canada response to Question 3

Question:  What policy changes will your party implement to increase the supply of affordable housing for all Canadians?

Question:  Does your party support providing increased and sustained federal investment to increase the supply of new affordable housing and replace aging social housing assets?

Question:  Does your party support amending the Income Tax Act to eliminate the capital gains tax on donations of real property to registered public charities for the purpose of providing perpetually affordable housing?

Question:  Will your party support the FCM’s call for innovative tax incentives like the Rental Housing Protection Tax Credit to preserve existing rental units and promote construction of new rental units?

Answer:  The Liberal Party of Canada believes that every Canadian has the right to safe, adequate and affordable housing. We understand that affordable housing is a possible solution to many of our society’s challenges. Child poverty, struggling veterans, high student debt, and the precarious lives of people experiencing mental and addiction issues are all addressed with better housing.

Safe, adequate, and affordable housing is essential to building strong families, strong communities, and a strong economy. The Liberal Party of Canada has a plan to make housing more affordable for those who need it most – seniors, persons with disabilities, lower-income families, and Canadians working hard to join the middle class.

A Liberal government will restore federal leadership on affordable housing by investing in a comprehensive National Housing Strategy that will:
  • Prioritize significant new investments in affordable housing and seniors’ facilities, as part of the Liberals’ historic ten-year investment of nearly $20 billion in social infrastructure
  • Provide $125 million per year in tax incentives to increase and substantially renovate the supply of rental housing across Canada;
  • Finance the construction of new, affordable rental housing for middle- and low-income Canadians;
  • Inventory all available federal lands and buildings to see what could be repurposed, and make it available at low cost for affordable housing in communities where there is a pressing need;
  • Modernize the existing Home Buyers’ Plan so that it helps more Canadians finance the purchase of a home; and
  • Review escalating home prices in high-priced markets – like Vancouver and Toronto – to keep home ownership within reach for Canadians living in these areas.
We welcome your suggestions for other ways that a Liberal government can ensure that all Canadians have a safe, affordable place to call home.

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