New Democratic Party response to Question 5

Question:  What plans do you have to combat poverty in Canada?

Answer:  To combat poverty we need an approach that invests in social programs, improves affordability in our cities, while also creating jobs and opportunities for those struggling. After 30 years of successive, empty promises by the Liberals and Conservatives, the NDP will deliver affordable, high quality, accessible childcare for Canadian families at no more than $15 dollars a day. Our plan will create 1 million childcare spaces which will help struggling families who cannot afford or find adequate, quality childcare.

We will close the loophole that allows CEOs to pay lower tax on their stock options – 90% of whom make over $250,000 per year, and redirect the $500 million in savings into lifting children out of poverty.

An NDP government will complete the work started by Jack Layton and boost the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) by $400 million which will lift 200,000 seniors out of poverty. We will phase out interest on student loans over 7 years because the Government shouldn’t be making a profit off of student debt.

Question:  How would your party’s anti-poverty policies support The City of Calgary’s poverty reduction initiatives?

Answer:  The NDP has a comprehensive plan for poverty reduction and affordability initiatives that will work in sync with the City of Calgary’s initiatives. We support a living wage and will bring in a federal minimum wage of $15 an hour phased-in over the course of our first mandate. We support the City’s low-income transit fee strategy and will fund transit in Calgary predictably over the next 20-years.

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